Author Guidelines

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General Guidelines for Submissions

Please format your essay as follows:

  • file type as Microsoft Word with .docx extension.
  • font as Calibri, 12 point.
  • title with default Microsoft Word ‘Header 1’ style  applied.
  • author name in second line without special styling.
  • paragraph formatting in block form: left-aligned, single-spaced, no paragraph indents, and a single blank line between paragraphs.
  • section and subsections with default ‘Header 2’ and ‘Header 3’ styles respectively. (The Header 1, 2 and 3 designations determine how the headings are formatted in the site, and can provide search engines with a useful outline of the article to index.)

For sources and citations, please use the following conventions:

  • hyperlinked citations within the text whenever possible.
  • footnotes (Arabic numbered) when sources not available or accessible online.
  • Chicago style for citations. You can find a simple outline of it here. If a different style is necessary or converting your work to the Chicago style is inconvenient, we will accommodate other styles. However, please keep your style consistent throughout.

Tables,  Graphs, and Images 

If you plan to include tables, graphs, or images, please refer to our guidelines here:

Thank you for your contribution.  We look forward to publishing it on