About Policy Spotlights

This column includes short pieces explaining policy proposals that highlight, revise, or contest current monetary design.  While we focus on contemporary proposals, historical episodes may be included occasionally.  Columns are written by editors or by student authors and will be updated monthly.  Students interested in becoming a Just Money columnist should contact Dan Rohde: editor@justmoney.org.

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About Emerging Scholarship

This page contains abstracts and links to papers written by students, at Harvard Law School and elsewhere, on all things to do with money as a legal institution. Please send your suggestions and abstracts to Sannoy Das: contributing-editor@justmoney.org.

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About Current Scholarship

This page contains abstracts and links to recent scholarship on monetary design and related issues. We also welcome posts to older scholarship that should be flagged.

Please submit abstracts to Dan Rohde: editor@justmoney.org

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