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On this website, we approach money as a legal project.  Created to meet demands both public and private, money depends on law for its definition, issue, and operation.    That legal structure of money – its design – matters deeply.  In the words attributed to an early  banker, “those who create and issue money . . . direct the policies of government and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people.”   Our aim is to encourage discussion, debate, and scholarship on money’s design and its reform towards a world that is as just as it is (economically) productive. (See more)

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Current Scholarship
Special Issue from Journal of Cultural Economy: FinTech in Africa

Paul Langley, Durham University, and Daivi Rodima-Taylor, Boston University
By re-centering global social science research agendas and political debates on Africa, this special issue hopes to inspire further work and future political engagement with FinTech which doesn’t begin, by default, from developments and experiences in the Global West and East.
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Special Issue from Journal of Cultural Economy: FinTech in Africa


Our roundtables provide the opportunity for a short, concentrated discussion of a particular design innovation or controversy. Projected topics include banks and money creation, state public banking, postal banking, the Libra currency project (Zuck Bucks), and open access Federal Reserve Accounts. An invited contribution from a key player or knowledgeable commentator kicks off the discussion with an entry that sets out the topic. We publish solicited responses by people with a variety of perspectives. We welcome your suggestions for topics and participants. Please send them to Dan Rohde, editor@justmoney.org.

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Policy Spotlights

Students interested in becoming a Just Money columnist should contact Lily Ginsburg: editor@justmoney.org. Columns are written by editors or by student authors and include short pieces explaining policy proposals that highlight, revise, or contest current monetary design.
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Current Scholarship

This page contains abstracts and links to recent scholarship on monetary design and related issues. We also welcome posts to older scholarship that should be flagged.

Please submit abstracts to Lily Ginsburg: editor@justmoney.org

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Teaching & Resources

The Teaching Archive collects syllabi, course materials, and other teaching tools (videos, charts, animations). We would be delighted to post all relevant contributions. Please send them to Lily Ginsburg: editor@justmoney.org.

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