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Isabel Feichtner, Co-Editor

Isabel Feichtner is professor of law at Julius-Maximilians University Würzburg. She is the author of The Law and Politics of WTO Waivers. Stability and Flexibility in Public International Law (Cambridge University Press, 2012). Her work spans international economic law and the law of money and finance. It seeks to explain how particular monetary and fiscal constitutions promote the expansion of extraction and impact exercises in valuation.

Feichtner currently leads a research project on the Democratization of Money and Credit. This research project focuses on the monetary constitution of the European Union and its impact on the fiscal constitutions of the EU and its member states. It explores the scope for institutional re-design and experimentation and in particular the potential of parallel and complementary currencies in pursuing objectives of social inclusion and ecological transformation. Feichtner’s recent writings include Public Law’s Rationalization of the Legal Architecture of Money: What Might Legal Analysis of Money Become? (German Law Journal, 2016), Sharing the Riches of the Sea: The Redistributive and Fiscal Dimension of Deep Seabed Exploitation (European Journal of International Law, 2019) and Law of Natural Resource Extraction and Money as Key to Understanding Global Political Economy and Potential for Its Transformation (in The …
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Isabel Feichtner, Co-Editor