Winter 2020
Monetary Policy in the European Union

Contributors:  Annelise Riles, Marco Goldoni, Joana Mendes, Jens van't  Klooster,  Brigitte Young, Jamee  Moudud, Jeremy Leaman, Sebastian Diessner, Agnieszka Smolenska and Will Bateman

Roundtable: Monetary Policy in the EU
Money and the Debunking of Myths

January 18, 2021

Jamee K. Moudud, Sarah Lawrence College

In recent years a number of authors have argued that in order to achieve vital social and environmental goals such as the Green New Deal, legislatures must democratize the banking system including the central bank which is at the heart of the financial system.

Spring 2020
Special Edition: Money in the Time of Coronavirus

Contributors: Katharina Pistor, James McAndrews, Saule Omarova, Mark Blyth, Jamee Moudud, Elham Saeidinezhad, Dan Awrey, Fadhel Kaboub, Leah Downey, Virginia France, Lev Menand, Nadav Orian Peer, Robert Hockett, Carolyn Sissoko, Jens van 't Klooster, Oscar Perry Abello, and Gerald Epstein