APPEAL Call for participation on Global Response to COVID-19

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To all APPEAL members and friends, 

We send best wishes for this stressful time.  Now more than ever, political economy and law is vital to illuminating a path forward toward greater health, economic security, and democracy.  

We are pleased to announce the following collaborative virtual opportunity for responding to the current crisis.  See the following below 1) the detailed call for applications to participate and 2) the detailed concept note. Please circulate especially to students, emerging scholars, and early career colleagues, who will be selected from the call based on submission of a short abstract and personal statement.  Senior scholars will be invited to work collaboratively with accepted young scholars. If you are a senior scholar with particular expertise and interest in participating, please let us know, . 

Call for Applications: 

Global response to COVID-19 a comparative law and economics study

If you are a young (MA or PhD candidate) or early career scholar in law or in economics and you are interested how the regulatory response to COVID-19 in your country compares to the responses around the world please consider applying to this call. 

Supported by International University College of Turin, Institute for New Economic Thinking Young Scholar Initiative and the Association for Promotion of Political Economy and Law. 

Here’s the link to the call for participation

Deadline for applications:  Sunday 19th of April at 10AM EST. After a quick first round of selection, successful applicants will be invited for the first Zoom meeting that will take place at 9AM EST on Wednesday the 22nd of April.

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