Preparing Tables, Graphs, and Images

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Preparing Tables

Excel Table

Please copy the table into MSWord and follow instructions below to convert  the table into an image.

MSWord Table

Please convert to image:

  1. In MS Word, select the entire table and copy it: CTRL + C 
  2. Open a blank PowerPoint presentation
  3. Remove (select and delete) everything on the default slide
  4. Select Edit > Paste Special > Picture (TIFF)
    Note: If you need to make the slide longer, select the Design tab of the toolbar ribbon. Then select Slide Size > Page Setup. Change the height size to accommodate the length of the table.  When prompted, do not scale the content to fit the new size.
  5. Select File > Export
  6. In Export As field, give the table a name 
  7. In File Format select Jpeg
  8. Select Save Current Slide Only
  9. Enter 1200 for the width (height will adjust automatically)
  10. Select Save
  11. Send us the resulting JPEG image. 

Preparing Graphs

Excel Graph

Please convert to image:

  1. In Excel, save file as website: File > Save As > File Format > Web page .htm
  2. In the folder that is created with the Excel file elements, look for a .png image file with the graph.
  3. Please send us this .png image file.

Preparing Images

Featured Images

For posts that will be featured in the home page banner original digital image should  be at least 1800 by 1280 pixels. Note that enlarging a digital image will not improve resolution on screen.

Continuous Tone Photographs

original digital size of image must be at least 900 x 1500 px (pixels) for a 3 x 5 image. Note that enlarging a smaller digital image will reduce, not improve, the resolution.

Line Art

Original digital image resolution needs to be at least 3,600 x 6,000 px for a 3 x 5 inch image. Again, note that enlarging a smaller digital image will reduce, not improve, the resolution.

 If you didn’t create the chart or graph yourself, please include copyright info. If you did create it, please note that for us.


Please include a title for table/graph/or image. This will appear with the graphic on the site and also be used for accessibility purposes for the visually impaired.