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Central bank communication with non-experts – A road to nowhere?

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Authors: Michael Ehrmann & Alena Wabitsch
Central banks have intensified their communication with non-experts – an endeavour which some argue will fail. This paper studies English and German tweets about the ECB to show that its communication is received by non-experts, i.e. is not a road to nowhere. Following ECB communications, tweets often primarily relay information, become more factual and the views expressed more moderate and homogeneous. Some communications, such as Mario Draghi’s “Whatever it takes”, trigger a divergence in views. Also, tweets with negative, stronger or more subjective views are more likely retweeted, liked or replied to. Thus, Twitter also constitutes a platform for controversial discussions.
Michael Ehrmann & Alena Wabitsch, “Central bank communication with non-experts — A road to nowhere?,” Journal of Monetary Economics 
(2022), DOI: 10.1080/10609164.2021.1996996. 
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