Financial Aspects of the COVID Crisis

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Erik Gerding and Nadav Orian Peer

Financial Aspects of the COVID Crisis was a community teach-in in CU Law, held online on March 24, 2020. The teach-in includes presentations by Erik Gerding and Nadav Orian Peer, followed by a discussion with viewers. The main topics addressed were: 

  • The macroeconomic toolkit, and the unique challenges presented by COVID;
  • The Federal Reserve’s emergency support of the financial sector, and its historic expansion to businesses, firms and municipalities;
  • The unprecedented relief package (which just passed today, March 27);
  • Cashflow disruptions, and legal issues around forbearance, contracts, and bankruptcy law;
  • Issues to address when the dust settles: in financial regulation, and in the social safety net.

You can find the full video of the teach-in here: