Institute for Historical Research: History in Financial Times on Nov. 11, 2021

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FSN chair Amin Samman will be speaking at the Philosophy of History Seminar Series, run by the Institute for Historical Research (IHR) at the School of Advanced Study in London. The event will take place online at 5:30 PM GMT (12:30 PM EST).

The Philosophy of History Seminar offers a forum for reflection on the nature of historicity as such, both in socio-cultural formations and in individual human existence. It seeks to explore the nature of historical understanding, interpretation, and explanation, and thereby foster reflective and critical reappraisal of the enterprise of historical research and writing in all its forms. In this seminar, Amin Samman will be discussing the various ideas and arguments that constitute his ongoing research under the umbrella title of ‘History in Financial Times’. This is also the title of his recent monograph out of which his current research focus has developed (Stanford University Press, 2019).

The event is free and you can book to attend here. More information available on the event page.

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