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Liminalities, Vol. 15, Issue 3: Money on the Left

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Edited by Andrés Bernal with editorial assistance by Richard Farrell

This special issue of Liminalities invites cohosts of the Money on the Left Podcast, Scott Ferguson (University of South Florida), William Saas (Louisiana State University), and Maxximilian Seijo (University of California, Santa Barbara) to reflect and expand upon their work, both in producing the podcast and in developing the Modern Money Network: Humanities Division as a center for progressive and humanistic political economic epistemologies. Original essays by Saas, Seijo, and Ferguson—framed and punctuated by clips, transcriptions, and images from the Money on the Left podcast—outline the ambitions of the MMNHD project; articulate its unique historiographic perspective; and probe its aesthetic horizons, respectively. An original video essay by Seijo mobilizes the MMNHD perspective to critique what he calls “cinema’s fascist unconscious,” exemplified by a particularly striking scene in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds (2009). Taken together, the essays and artifacts included in this special issue stand not only as compelling examples of collaborative, transmedia scholarship. They also lend essential voice to a more affirming and hopeful vision of the political future.

Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies, volume 15, issue 3 (2019), Ed. Andrés Bernal (2019)

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