MDM 2018: Monetary Sovereignty, Democracy, and Economic Development

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Recognizing the character of money as a sovereign project throws the complexity of economic development, especially in a globalized monetary system, into high relief. The hegemony of certain moneys as reserve currencies, the dense growth of financial markets, and the role of international financial institutions all now configure the landscape. How have efforts to democratize money, an initiative that depends on domestic participation, fared in the past and how might they relate to public welfare and economic development in an era when monetary sovereignty is challenged?

Presentations and Discussion

Katharina Pistor – Columbia Law School
“Capital Rules by Law”
Jamee Moudud – Sarah Lawrence College
“A Critical Legal History of French Banking and Industrialization”
Anush Kapadia – Indian Institute of Technology
“Democratic Sovereignty Makes Money”

Commentator: Roy Kreitner, University of Tel Aviv Law School