MDM 2018 Panel: Economic Democracy through Monetary Design

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Recognizing money as a public project necessarily leads to a re-examination of the types of economic institutions promoted by our monetary system. Throughout American history, both social movements and the US government have seen the potential to create, through the monetary system, an economy dominated by more democratic forms of economic organization. This panel will examine both historical and modern attempts to create more widespread and democratic ownership of the productive economy through the monetary system.

Presentations and Discussion

Robert Hockett – Cornell Law School, “A Monied Yeomanry”
Joseph R. Blasi – Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations,
“The Citizen’s Share: Reducing Inequality in the 21st Century”
Lenore Palladino – Roosevelt Institute,
“Economic Democracy through Corporate Governance.”
Jeffrey Sklansky – University of Illinois at Chicago,
”The Currency of Agrarian Cooperation in the Gilded Age”

Moderator: Martin Drake – Harvard Law School