Taming Capitalism before its Triumph: Author meets critics online – Nov 17

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Join historians and social scientists to discuss a recent book on the history of capitalism: Yamamoto, Taming Capitalism before its Triumph.

About this Event

The history of capitalism has seen a renaissance over the last decade, but relatively fewer works have focused on its early phases, including the early modern period in which England began evolving into the ‘first industrial nation’.

Koji Yamamoto’s book Taming Capitalism before its Triumph: Distrust, Public Service, and “Projecting” in Early Modern England (Oxford, 2018) offers a fresh reappraisal.

This online symposium brings together renowned scholars from across medieval history, early modern history, historical sociology and political science to discuss the book.

Venue and registration:
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Provisional Programme

Opening Remarks

Wenkai He HKUST Hong Kong


Cultural History as the Antidote to Whiggish Histories of Capitalism

Martha Howell | Medieval European history, Columbia University

Projects, Intoxicants, and Early-modern Capitalism

Phil Withington | Social and cultural history, University of Sheffield

Projectors, Petitioners, and One-Dimensional Theories of Power

David Zaret | Early modern British history and historical sociology, Indiana University, Bloomington

“Whiggish History”, Projectors and Corporate Capitalism

Steve Pincus British history and British empire, University of Chicago

Capitalism: The Means or the End to Common Good

Wenkai He | Comparative history and political science, HKUST Hong Kong

‘Reply by the Author’

Koji Yamamoto | Early modern Britain and business history, University of Tokyo

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