The Modern Money Network Humanities Division (MMNHD) Launches

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The Modern Money Network Humanities Division (MMNHD) is thrilled to launch, a new space for collaborative, interdisciplinary, and multimedia engagement with progressive political economy. The site hosts two new publishing platforms: (1) Money on the Left: History, Theory, Practice, which is an open access, peer reviewed journal for scholarship in the arts, humanities, and social sciences; and (2) Superstructure, a vertical that publishes shorter-form interventions into critical theory, media culture, and aesthetics from an intersectional neochartalist perspective.

Submissions are now open for Money on the Left: History, Theory, Practice. Inquiries for publishing in the journal may be directed to William Saas, co-editor, at Inquiries regarding writing for Superstructure should be directed to Will Beaman, co-editor at is also home to two MMNHD podcasts, Money on the Left (cohosted by William Saas, Scott Ferguson, and Maxximilian Seijo) and Superstructure (cohosted by Maxximilian Seijo, Will Beaman, and Naty Smith). Both podcasts were recently covered in an article for The New RepublicTo support these projects financially, please visit our GoFundMe and Patreon pages.