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Bryan Cotton

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Bryan Cotton - "Money"   (Pen and Ink on Paper)
“Money” Pen and Ink on Paper (Copyright 2023 Bryan Cotton)

Artist Spotlight

Bryan Cotton “Money” 2023
Pen and Ink on Paper

For our inaugural featured artwork exploring art as it relates to money, law, and justice, Bryan Cotton exposes to view the influence of money on the civic environment, and the role of law and participatory government in creating humane living conditions.  In the artist’s words:

I wanted the drawing to feel very whimsical and very artsy, but to have all of the fun elements of “money” “architecture” “objective art” and “pattern” “politics ” details.  If you really study the drawing; you will start to realize why I drew some of the objects that I did. For instance, I drew the stairways leading up to an envelope… And the envelope symbolizes “a check.” And also, I drew the doors within the word “money” to illustrate, “doors to succeed” or the “power to climb.”

More About Bryan

Bryan Cotton

Bryan is a freelance pen and ink artist.  His ink illustrations include architectural renderings, architectural abstracts, stage play sketches, storybook illustrations, logos and art concepts for businesses. 

Bryan’s work has been featured in several art galleries, college diversity and NAACP events, and fundraisers for youth programs, churches, and Breast Cancer awareness.  His art has been covered by the Quad City Times and Rock Island Arsenal Digest.

Explore more of Bryan’s work on his Instagram: theartbrotha.

Bryan’s is the first of what we hope will be a series of “Be the Change” featured artworks exploring the intersection of money design, law, and justice.


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