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Hannah Hubbard, Co-Editor

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Hannah Hubbard

Hannah (HLS JD ’22),  served as Co-Editor of Just Money in 2021 and 2022. While at HLS, she was  involved in the Consumer Protection Law Students Association, Street Justice Coalition, and Lambda. She has interned at the Committee for Public Counsel Services in Roxbury and the National Consumer Law Center in Boston. Hannah was also an Editor for Unbound: Harvard Journal of the Legal Left and an Article and Executive Content Editor for the Harvard Journal of Law & Gender.

Upon graduation, Hannah  returned to her home state of North Carolina where she now serves as a Plaintiff’s Attorney & Litigator.

Hannah’s interests include consumer protection, the history of U.S. capitalism, and critical legal theory.

In addition to her J.D., from Harvard Law School, Hannah has a B.A. in Economics (with a minor in History) from Wellesley College.