Just Money Profiles
James Rose, Assistant Editor

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James Rose James Rose is a concurrent A.B./A.M. Candidate at Harvard College and the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. His Bachelor’s degree consists of a Special Concentration in Political Economy and Social Structure, an original path of study combining economics with other social sciences and comparative law; a Secondary Concentration in Economics; and Language Citations in Modern Standard Arabic and Mandarin Chinese. His coterminal Master’s degree is offered through the interdisciplinary Regional Studies East Asia Program and focuses on the political economy of modern China, with a thesis investigating innovation financing in contemporary China.

James’s interests are concerned with the legal-institutional structure of market economies, namely how concrete and contingent choices of structural design shape economic phenomena at scale, and, conversely, how social and economic outcomes may be realized via experimentation in the basic institutional forms ordering the market economy. His research primarily explores these themes as they relate to innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of the United States and post-transition China.

Outside of Harvard, James has worked in investment banking in Morgan Stanley’s Global Power and Utilities Group in New York, where he primarily worked on clean tech and green finance transactions. After graduating, James intends to study law.