YSI Financial Stability Working Group: Money View Symposium on Feb. 11-13, 2022! Keynote by Perry Mehrling 2/11 at 2 pm EST!

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The YSI Financial Stability Working Group welcomes young scholars and early career researchers using Perry Mehrling’s Money View to present their work at the second annual Money View Symposium, held virtually from February 11-13th, 2022.

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Money View Symposium #2

Organized by the YSI Financial Stability Working Group
Times in New York / EDT

Friday, 11 February

1.00pm Welcome & Recap of Money View Projects in 2021
Larissa de Lima, Win Monroe, Alex Howlett, Jay Pocklington

2.00pm Money and Empire: Charles P. Kindleberger and the Dollar System
by Perry Mehrling
Discussant: Anastasia Nesvetailova, Tom Ferguson

3.30pm Fireside Chat with Zoltan Pozsar
Moderators: Larissa de Lima, Win Monroe

4.30pm Liquidity Happy Hour

Saturday, 12 February

8.00am Paper Presentations
Serene Fan, Sibaek Lee | Balance Sheet Analysis of China’s Shadow Banking
Michael Liu | China’s repo markets
Isabella Cuellar and Boyu Wang | Balance Sheet Analysis of if China’s Payment System
Henry Sun | Balance Sheet Analysis of China’s Real Estate Market
Moderator: Aleksandar Stojanovic

Soon Parted 2021 Recap
Daniel H. Neilson

10.30am Paper Presentations
Elham Saeidinezhad | FX Swap Valuation As a Cost of Filling Dollar Funding Gap: A Hierarchical and Dealer-Centric Perspective
Lev Menand | Administering the banking system: Towards a theory of the Federal Reserve
Chris Rimmer | On the Origin of Purchasing Power
Moderator: Adam Kerenyi

12.00pm A Money View Take on Crypto with Practitioners
Michel Rauchs
Moderator: Rasheed Saleuddin

1.30pm Paper Presentations
Alex Howlett | Exchange Rates, Price Levels, and the Monetary Standard
Jacob Vestergaard | Green Central Banking
Moderator: Nathalie Marins

3.00pm Fireside Chat with James Sweeney
Moderator: Maria C. Schweinberger

4.00pm Liquidity Happy Hour

Sunday, 13 February

8.00am Paper Presentations
Nathalie Marins | Discussion of “-lemmas” in monetary policy”
Seung Woo Kim | A virtuous debtor? South Korea’s external debt management, 1962-1983
Kainaat Bhaskar | Financial Systems in Transition: A Money View Approach to the Asian Financial Crisis
Moderator: Adam Kerenyi

9.30am After the Allocation: What Role for the Special Drawing Rights System?
Steffen Murau, Tobias Pforr, Fabian Pape
Discussant: Robert McCauley
Moderator: Larissa de Lima

10.30am Central Bank Digital Currencies and Crypto
Izabella Kaminska, Daniel H. Neilson
Moderator: Asgeir B. Torfason

12.00pm Wrap-up and project brainstorm
Perry Mehrling

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