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Lily Ginsburg, Co-Editor

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Lily Ginsburg
Lily Ginsburg

Lily Ginsburg is a J.D. Candidate at Berkeley Law School, however she is spending her third year of law school at Harvard as part of the Berkeley-Harvard Exchange Program. She expects to graduate in May 2023.

At Berkeley, she ran the Law and Political Economy (LPE) Society at Berkeley, edited for California Law Review, rowed for a club team at Cal, and was a member of the Environmental Law Clinic.

At Harvard, she is a student editor for Just Money and an executive board member of the Harvard LPE Association. In the fall, she worked with the Office of Regional & Community Outreach at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston  on issues related to the impact of instant payments on low- to moderate-income communities as part of an independent clinic at HLS. In the spring, she is part of another independent clinic with Massachusetts Public Banking, the organization that leads the coalition campaign to create a public bank in Massachusetts. Its mission is to support a range of economic development efforts in disadvantaged communities.

Prior to law school, she studied under LPE scholar Jamee Moudud at Sarah Lawrence College, where she concentrated in ecological, feminist, institutional and political economics, critical legal studies, money theory, the history of economic thought, and monetary, legal, and financial history. She loves languages and has intermediate fluency in Spanish and Russian, plus limited knowledge of Swedish and Farsi. She is well versed in both neoclassical and heterodox approaches to economics and looks forward to re-immersing herself in the monetary sphere at Harvard!